Pink Money

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Pink Money is an indica dominant hybrid, meaning it contains properties of both a traditional indica as well as a sativa. This allows it some versatility with regard to its effects, making it a great choice for an everyday strain.

With extremely sweet notes that linger on the tongue, this hybrid is a delight for the senses. It has a vanilla flavor that is somewhat light, comparable to the vanilla flavor that is gained from oak barrels in fine whisky. What is unique about this strain is the rich earthiness that finds its way to your taste buds not long after the gas smell  dissipates. The buds are green and rich, which is surprising considering its light flavor.

The name Pink Money probably has you wondering what kind of effects will come along with this strain.Its effects are calming and relaxing, and just generally make you feel better about yourself.  This is a great choice for evening or nighttime use, as it will eventually ease you into a gentle daze. This potent indica dominant hybrid is ideal for relieving pain and insomnia, and will leave you with a wonderful euphoric feeling.

Pink Money can be found exclusively at S.D.F.  (STANK DANK FARMS).


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