Nothing but love for all of our followers. This is our way to say thank you to you all and give back to those that appreciate a fine smoke at a competitive price. Don't be fooled by imitators, this is not some dried out outdoor shwag.
Trust us. You won't be disappointed!

Free Delivery/shipping on Orders Over $200

Orders under $200
* $20 Flat rate Mail Order (Canada only):
1-3 business days turnaround once we have received payment

* $20 Flat Rate On Same Day/Next Day Deliveries (GTA only):
Up To 24hr turnaround once we have received payment

SUPER SPECIAL: (Small or popcorn nugs to medium size nugs)
$55 per 14g / $100 per 28g

$35 per 7g / $65 per 14g / $120 per 28g
*Bubble Gum
*Purple Killer
*Fruity Pebbles

Mid Strains
$25 per 3.5g / $40 per 7g / $150 per 28g
*13 Dawgs
*Blue Dream
*Wedding Cake
*Katsu Bubba
*Black Diamond
*Zurple #2

Premium Strains
$30 per 3.5g / $50 per 7g / $190 per 28g.

Ultra Premium
$35 per 3.5g / $60 per 7g / $230 per 28g

Imported Hash
(Don’t be fooled by imitation Hash. Authentic selections all the way:)
$15 per gram / $90 per 7g
*Moroccan (SOLD OUT)
*Mazar Afghani (SOLD OUT)
*Blonde Lebanese (SOLD OUT)

Pre Roll
(Our unique blend of hybrid preroll will leave you satisfied and wanting more. Each preroll contains minimum 0.6g in each poo stick)
$3 FOR $10
*Stank Dank Pre Roll Poo Sticks (Pre order will be up soon)

5g for $50 / 10g for $90
*Trim run

$5 FOR 1 / $20 FOR 5
*100 mg

Extra Strengh COOKIES
$15 FOR 1 / $50 FOR 4
*400 MG

CBD Tincture
$50 each 60ml
*CBD Isolate

THC Tincture
$50 each 60ml
*THC Isolate

Full Spectrum THC Tincture
$60 each 60ml
*THC Full Spectrum

$50 for 1 / $90 for 2 / $160 for 4
SOLD OUT OF ALL FLAVOURS Pre-orders will be up soon
*Raw (No Flavour)
*Blue Zkittles
*Golden Pineapple
*Grapefruit Kush

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